Day: October 13, 2016

Planning to maximize conservation efficiency and effectiveness

Joint Convenors Nigel Maxted and Joana Magos Brehm The abundant wealth of plant diversity, an estimated 391,000 vascular species (plus about 20,000 lower plants) (RBG Kew, 2016), provides the primary production for all life on earth. Yet these critical resources for continued human survival are threatened by human mismanagement of the environment; plant diversity at…

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Welcome words by Dr. Emilio Laguna

Dear attendants (and blog readers) to the 1st Med Plant Conservation Week. I am Dr Emilio Laguna, pioneer of the concept and establishment of plant micro-reserves network, and main plant officer of the Generalitat Valenciana -autonomous regional government of the Valencian Community, Spain-. I would like to express what I expect from the 1st Med…

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