Consultation process session: Mediterranean Basin Hotspot Ecosystem Profile Update (CEPF)

Chair: Marcos Valderrábano, IUCN-Med

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) is updating the Ecosystem Profile for the Mediterranean Basin Hotspot. This document describes the conservation status of the region and will be used to create a new investment strategy for CEPF. All stakeholders are invited to input into this process.

Ecosystem Profile is built around the concept of conservation outcomes and Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs). Conservation outcomes are the entire set of conservation targets that need to be achieved in order to prevent species extinctions and biodiversity loss.

The existing Ecosystem Profile identifies 1.110 KBAs, and the update aims at including newly identified KBAs including the Important Plant Areas (IPA).

During the 1st Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week a consultation session will take place with the aim at refining, validating data, solving boundary conflicts to ensure that Important Plant Areas; and plant information can be considered in the ecosystem profile. This session will also allow plant experts to provide input on main threats to plant diversity, and propose criteria for identification of priorities for conservation.

Specifically, we would like plant experts to review the IPA boundaries and to contribute more information on the sites or on trigger species occurring at the sites. This might include information which helps to define IPA boundaries especially where sites are overlapping (with protected areas or with other KBAs), as well as data on species which help to confirm that an IPA is meeting the new IUCN KBA standard (

An on-line consultation ( is being launched in parallel with a series of national consultation meetings which are being held across the hotspot. For those attending the consultation session at the 1st Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week, this microsite provides an opportunity to view information on-line in advance of the meeting.

The CEPF Consultation process session is open to all the participants of the 1st Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week. Your participation is highly important to ensure consistency of plant information across Mediterranean, clear indication of threats to plant diversity, and identification of key sites for plant diversity in the next ecosystem profile.



Figure 1: Draft KBA Inventory (including IPA) for consultation in the update of CEPF Ecosystem Profile


  1. To review and consider revisions to the draft inventory of Key Biodiversity Areas specialty revision of Important Plant Areas with focus in solving data deficiencies, and boundaries issues
  2. To review plant diversity data and analysis in the Ecosystem Profile
  3. To identify the threats to plant biodiversity in the region, recommend solutions, and agree on the contributions that can be made by civil society to addressing these threats


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