Cultural practices for conservation in the Mediterranean region

Cultural practices for conservation in the Mediterranean region

This session will explore the diversity of Cultural Practices of Conservation (CPCs) that benefit plant conservation in the Mediterranean region. Participants will share experiences in documenting, promoting and protecting CPCs in their areas of work.

Local and indigenous communities around the Mediterranean have shaped the landscapes for thousands of years. Many cultural practices and lifestyles that have a positive effect on nature and biodiversity still exist today, but they are by and large threatened. Practices such as mobile pastoralism, traditional agriculture and bioclimatic architecture protect and enhance biodiversity, maintain long-term productivity and sustain livelihoods. Mediterranean ecosystems have co-evolved with people: cultural practices in part are responsible for ecological heterogeneity and biodiversity patterns in this area. However, CPCs are rarely taken into account in conservation actions and planning.

This session will showcase examples of CPCs, as well as experiences of documenting and supporting CPCs, from around the Mediterranean region. In tandem with the subsequent session on Friday 28th October, discussions in this session will form the basis for the development of an initial roadmap for CPCs protection and inclusion in conservation action and planning at the regional level.

This session will explore the potential of CPCs for enhancing plant conservation in the Mediterranean and help create synergies between participants who will interact and share experiences. A combination of presentations by participants and hands-on exercises will allow the group to explore in depth the diversity of experiences and possibilities for supporting and strengthening CPCs in the region.

This session will be chaired by Liza Zogib, member of the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture and Irene Teixidor Toneu from University of Reading.


Global Diversity Foundation: Irene Teixidor Toneu and Gary Martin

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